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They say, "Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention".  And this was definitely the case with the invention of EZY PAWS.  I tried every nail clipper, sander, and rotary grinder on the market.  Clippers can crush and cause bleeding to the nail.  Sanders and grinders were not powerful enough and were too noisy.  Sanders/grinders also caused a lot of vibration and "kickback" to the nail, if the direction of the sander wasn't away from the nail, but into the nail.  This causes a painful reaction in most pets.

We invented the EZY PAWS to correct these problems.  Our unique sanding belt design provides a "soft spot" that cushions the nail during sanding.  The color coded arrows allow easy selection of the proper direction for a painfree nail trim.

The outcome being an innovative new tool to trim your pets nails.  EZY PAWS, for happy pets!

EZY PAWS is 100% assembled in the U.S.A. at our facility in Dayton, Ohio.  About 50% of the parts are manufactued in the U.S.A and the balance coming from various other countries.

We know you and your pets will enjoy using EZY PAWS!


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