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How To Use

UNBOX: Keep box for storage and reference for your EZY PAWS

Plug EZY PAWS into the transformer, and then the transformer into a wall outlet.

The multi-directional switch is located at the bottom of the unit.  Match the directional arrow color on the switch to the same color arrow next to the nail insertion hole.  This ensures the belt is moving in the proper direction no matter what position you are holding it in.

** IMPORTANT:  You should first acclimate your pet to the EZY PAWS groomer before first use.  Set the groomer next to your pet or play with your pet while holding it.  Then turn the unit on and let it run next to your pet to let it get used to the sound.

Try to catch your pet in a relaxed mood: not when you first get home from work.


   Find a position that you are comfortable in:


  • For small pets, setting on your lap is an option.
  • With pet laying or sitting on floor, you can sit in front or to the side.
  • With pet sitting you can sit to the side and wrap your arm around it
  • For problem pets try one person trimming while the other gives treats to your pet.                                                                                   

This picture shows the preferred way to use EZY PAWS.        


If your pet pulls away forcefully, stop, you may be near the quick. The quick can be shortened by weekly grooming a small amount of nail.                                     

TO CLEAN: Remove the lid by turning the screw until lid comes off.  Dump the nail dust into a trash can.


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